Columbia Daily Spectator, Volume LXX, Number 39, 18 November 1947 — LION ABOUT DANCE Dance Recital Found Uneven By Reviewer [ARTICLE]

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Dance Recital Found Uneven By Reviewer

A stimulating and challenging program was presented by the Philolexian Society's Modern Dance Recital at Brander Matthews Theater last Saturday evening. The program was an ambitious and well varied one, eleven dances being performed in all, six by Judith Martin and five by Louise Holdwarth. While there was much to be admired in the .performance, it was uneven in calibre. The opening dance was a sprightly abstraction called Geometries interpeted with vigour by Miss Martin. Two new works Of Ancient Guilt and Insearch were composed by Robert Ward and Norman Lockwood respectively of Columbia's Music Department. Both of these were interpeted by Miss Martin rather unsuccessfully. She destroyed the mood and the fine music by interpolating a series of rather jerky movements that often created an almost comic situation. Posesv Surpass Motion Miss Holdworth was more fluid in her movement and proved to be quite delightful in a brief graceful dance entitled Harpy. She displayed much dignity and feeling in the Gospels. Her performance was marred by an uncertainty in her technique and a lack of study to her poses. In respect to poses Judith Martin deserves special note because of the careful studied artfulness she disclosed which often surpassed her motion. The program closed with a comic parody of the rhumba called Decalcomania which the audience appropriately greeted with a roar of laughter. The production was exceptionally fine. The highly imaginative costumes by Roxanne Marden and Eleanor DeVito did much to elevate the performance. The accompaniment was well provided by Alvin Bauman for Miss Martin and Ned Rorem for Miss Holdworth.