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The original printed copies of the Columbia Spectator are housed in Columbia University Archives.

About the Columbia Spectator Archive

Welcome to the Archive of the Columbia Daily Spectator, the newspaper of Columbia University and Morningside Heights and the second-oldest college daily paper in the country. When completed, the Archive will include the complete run of the newspaper from 1877 to the present.  Currently available content may be viewed via the Browse By Date page.  For articles published in the last 15 years, see also the main Spectator website.

Whenever possible pages have been scanned from original paper copies and digitized using state of the art technology that provides full-page, searchable reproductions of articles, photographs, and advertisements.

The goals of the Archive are to provide a public resource for Columbia University history and to preserve the Spectator's past work. It is the result of a partnership between the Spectator and Columbia University Libraries, and funded jointly by the Libraries and through generous gifts from Spectator alumni and friends, especially members of the class of 1958. (See also the Acknowledgements page.)

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